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Durolack MC50 satinat 10l (5+5)


DURO LACK MC 50 is a two-component polyurethane solventbased lacquer with high coverage for wooden floors.

DURO LACK MC 50 is characterized of high liquid, abrasion and traffic resistances.


Mixture ratio 1/1

Application temperature +10°C ÷ +25°C

Application roller 6 mm / brush Thinning (if necessary) DILUENTE DMC 50

Coverage 100 g/m² Dust dry 1 h 30' (1) Fingerprint dry 6 h (1) Pot-Life 4 h (1)

Sanding 24 h (1)

Gloss level LD: 95 gloss - SATINATA: 75 gloss (2)

Chemical and physical characteristics excellent

 Coating excellent

 Storage stability 1 year (3)

Packaging 25 L (12,5+12,5) - 10 L (5+5)

Tool cleaning DILUENTE DNE (with fresh product)

1 at 20°C and 65% R.H.

2 onto wet film of 90 micron hardened at 20°C and 65% R. H. for 7 days 3 in original sealed containers at temperatures between +10°C and +25°C

 ¤How to use


catalysed according to the indicated ratio and mixed thorougly, has to be applied to filled, sanded and vacuumed wooden floors. It is suggested to apply one or two coats of FONDO WR 306 (see relative technical data sheet) and apply one coat of DUROLACK MC 50. The maintenance of wooden floors treated with DUROLACK MC 50 has to be done with VELUREX range of products (see technical data sheets).




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